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Resources/ Help/Ayuda

For survivors & friends

About sexual assault

For survivors, friends and family

  • I didn't want it to happen: Brochure for adult survivors of sexual assault. Spanish.
  • How can it be sexual assault if we're married? Brochure for people who have been sexually assaulted in the context of a marriage.
  • Understanding P.E.R.K. exams and your options after a sexual assault: Palm card for survivors considering an evidence collection exam.

  • About intimate partner violence

    For survivors, friends and family

  • Finding safety: Support during or after living with an abusive partner. Spanish.
  • But I haven't been hit: Brochure for people who have been emotionally abused by an intimate partner. Spanish.
  • Planning for your safety: How to plan for your safety whether currently living together or apart from an abusive partner. Spanish.

  • Using the legal system

  • Protective Orders in Virginia: Pamphlet that thoroughly and plainly describes Virginia's Protective Order process.
  • I-CAN!: A free online program that will help you fill out forms to request a Protective Order in Virginia. Spanish.